Perception, Action and Cognition Research Group

The Perception, Action and Cognition Research Group (PAC) is based in the University of Lincoln School of Psychology and undertakes research focused on a broad range of issues.

Research areas include:

  •  Inferential processes in vision
  • The functions of the frontal cortex
  • Control of human eye movements
  • Visual motion processing
  • Perception of visual art
  • Visual attention in social cognition
  • 3-D vision and action
  • Emotion and memory
  • The role of sleep in memory
  • Visual processing in dyslexic, autistic and neurological populations

We have extensive internal and external collaborations with researchers in social psychology, forensic psychology, neuroscience, animal science, computer science and media studies. We have successfully attracted external funding from Leverhulme Trust, EPSRC, ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, Royal Society, Home Office and NHS.

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