The Perception, Action and Cognition Research Group has several dedicated laboratories and a range of state-of-art specialised equipment:

Eye Labs

  • The vision labs are equipped with two Cambridge Research Systems (CRS) ViSaGe visual stimulators, a CRS Bits# system, a ViewPixx Lite/3D system, and a Minolta photometer.
  • The eye tracker labs house Tobii portable and VisionTrak head-mounted eye trackers, an Eyelink 1000 eye tracker, a Fourward Technologies Generation 5.5 Dual Purkinje Image eye-tracker plus control system, and a High Speed Video Eyetracker Toolbox.
  • The EEG and TMS lab is equipped with a 64-channel ActiveTwo EEG set-up with BrainVision Analyzer, and a Medtronic MagPro X100 high performance magnetic stimulator that is used in conjunction with a Zebris guidance system
  • The psychophysiological recording lab houses BIOPAC equipment for the measurement of skin conductance and heart rate.
  • The functional Transcranial Doppler (fTCD) ultrasonography lab houses the DWL Doppler-Box ™ X system complete with Doppler M-Mode recording and bi-lateral insonation capabilities for neuroimaging the cerebral vascular system in real time during cognitive tasks.
  • The sleep and cognition lab is equipped with a 32-channel Embla N7000 polysomnography system and two Actiwatch 2 actigraphy systems for measuring sleep structure.